With a sailing ship and lots of tailwind, the travelling film and environmental festival Moving Baltic Sea embarked on its two-month journey in international waters in July 2008!


The Moving Baltic Sea crew stopped at six different Baltic Sea ports in five different countries: starting in Germany we were sailing through Poland and Kaliningrad, stopping in Latvia and Estonia, and dropping a final anchor in Russia - with a four-day festival programme in each of the countries.

By combining the fields of film and environment within the framework of a common festival, Moving Baltic Sea promotes a creative process with young people in order to develop long-term innovative strategies and possibilities for cultural and environmental cooperation. See chapter Festival!

The preparation of Moving Baltic Sea reaches across national borders: for two years, organisers of film institutions and environmental NGOs in all participating countries will work together closely to implement the festival at each tour stop.


The organisers met in September of 2007 at a preparatory kick-off conference. Here, we exchanged ideas, developped a common course of action and laid a stable foundation for our project. See chapter Who we are!

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