Tour Dates

July 4th - 7th: Festival Rostock

July 11th-14th: Festival Gdansk

July 19th - 22nd: Festival Kaliningrad

July 31st - August 3rd: Festival Riga

August 9th - 12th: Festival  Narva-Jõesuu

August 21st - 24th: Festival St. Petersburg


August 25th - September 11th: From St. Petersburg back to Greifswald


As the heart of Moving Baltic Sea, the following four-day festival programme took place at each of the tour stops:

Opening Night

  • Open-air screening of a short film programme selected from entries of all Baltic Sea countries at a public site
  • Panel discussion with young activists, representatives from politics, environmental NGOs, media and culture
  • Screening of the constantly growing tour documentary, including images of the journey or audience reactions
  • Opening party with local artists and musicians


  • 48-hour film contest: young filmmakers write screenplays, shoot and edit their own shorts on given themes within two days
  • Workshops on environmental policy topics: young environmental activists exchange information, discuss ideas and develop courses of action for transnational cooperation on environmental issues
  • Creative writing and photo workshops: young journalists and photographers put together contributions for the European magazine Plotki and for the online tour diary. They will also prepare the onboard Moving Baltic Sea info-center for a presentation of preceding tour results at each stop

Closing Event

  • All workshop participants present their results at the final closing event, with a discussion together with journalists and politicians
  • Film screening of the 48-hour-shorts with an award ceremony for the winner

The sailboat embarked to the next stop with organisers of one stop on board up to the next stop. At the following festival, those presented the results of the preceding workshops in order to form a basis for the following workshops. A documentation of workshop results from the last tour stops was also exhibited on the sailboat as a permanent Info Center.