48 hours film competition
Rostock 4. - 6. July 2008


Themenvergabe ist am Freitag, 4. Juli um 12 Uhr im Zelt des Circus
Fantasia, direkt neben dem Festivalgelände.

The challenge:
You have 48 hours, 1 theme, and 0 budget, to shoot a short movie.
The movie will be shown at the travelling festival Moving Baltic Sea.

Teams with 2 members minimum and their own equipment can register. The
competition starts on Friday, 4th of July 2008, at 12 p.m. in Rostock, Germany. Every
team will get a theme and then the contest begins: You will have 48 hours to write a
script, cast your actors, shoot the film and cut it....

Everyone has the same limitations and opportunities. What counts is creativity, team
spirit, mobility and speed. There ́s no time for a complex production or spectacular special effects.

Whatever happens, 48 hours later, on Sunday, 6th July at 12 p.m. the completed film
has to be copied to DVD and brought back to the festival area.

You can use any genre. The only requirement is that the film must not be of more than 5
min. duration. All graphic material must be completed within the 48 hours. Pre-produced
material or material by third parties can not be used.

On the evening of the 6th of July all submitted movies will be presented in the open air
as part of the final event of Moving Baltic Sea at the city harbour in Rostock. The
audience decides the winner: The film with the loudest applause wins.




Description in English (PDF)

Beschreibung in Deutsch (PDF)