the Panel Discussion about the general issue of Baltic Sea pollution

Did you know that the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted bodies of water on planet Earth? The delicate maritime ecosystem is threatened by human activities such as overfishing, toxic pollution, the exploitation of offshore oil and gas resources, climate change and increased sea-based shipping and trade. Pollution caused from activities on land, as well as on water, is one of the most pressing environmental issues affecting the Baltic Sea. Young environmental activists, representatives of environmental NGOs and grassroots initiatives, scientists, and media and culture representatives discuss these topics at each of the six festival stops.


...addresses common challenges on a local level

Moving Baltic Sea wants to trigger a discussion in order to raise and reinforce a common feeling of responsibility for the protection of the Baltic Sea. The discussion takes into account both the need to act transnationally and the significance of specific local environmental problems. Depending on the nature of these problems, the focus varies from festival stop to festival stop from the conservation of coastal regions and biodiversity to eutrophication, from pollution through oil shale mining to the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) Action Plan. Festival participants have the opportunity to discuss transnational environmental issues and to find out how to get involved in local activities.


... travels the Baltic Sea and across borders

Responses to the following questions travel from Rostock to St. Petersburg, bringing new aspects and impulses for common action into subsequent discussions and promoting transnational responsibility for the protection of the Baltic Sea: What is being done at the moment in order to save the sea? What can every single person do to help? How can the Baltic Sea countries improve their cooperation in order to protect the common waters? How can media, film and art contribute to establishing a broad feeling of responsibility for environmental protection?